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About LSDS

Learn safe and Drive safe in one of the best driving school in Western Sydney and Hills District

Our services are only available on most of the areas in Northwest Sydney,Western Sydney and Hills District. For more details check our Services and Working hours page.

Our Specialties

  • Cars with dual Breaking System
  • Automatic Transmission vehicle Only
  • Full Comprehensive insurance
  • ADTA Member
  • Public and Product Liability Insurance
  • Door to Door service in local areas
  • Cheaper price and packages
  • Gift cards for all occasions
  • The working with children certificate

Car Driver Training

Learning to drive is not just about getting a license, it’s about lifelong driver safety. L Safe Driving School teaches new drivers the skills they need to get their P’s,Full License etc. and to be a safe and courteous road user.

L Safe Driving School is a Registered Training Organization providing high quality driver training for the learner.

  • Our goal:
    Our goal is to establish a working friendly relationship between the student driver and instructor. Our instructors provide a comfortable, safe and enjoyable learning environment.
  • Building rapport:                                                                                                                                                                                                                       We take pride in understanding people as well as we understand the roads we drive on. Everyone brings different attitudes, experiences, fears, expectations and ideas to each of their driving lessons. This is why our driving instructors take the time to listen and take an individual approach to all car lessons with each and every person. Not only will they make an effort to understand but their confidence in you and their individual driving competence will make you feel more at ease behind the wheel. You will be spending a significant amount of time with your driving instructor so it’s important you feel confident in them and yourself.
  • The first lesson:
    We think there is great value in having the instructor give the initial driving lesson. It eases nerves, promotes awareness and learning from day one.

Statistically, Learner Drivers are among the safest drivers on the road. However, as soon as a driver obtains their provisional driver’s license, they become the group most at risk on the road (with a 20 or 30 times increase in the risk of harm). Our mission is to equip young drivers with the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe on the road – after they gain the independence of a driver’s license.

Learner Drivers Must :

  • Be supervised at all times by the holder of a full Australian driver license.
  • Have L plates displayed conspicuously at the front and rear exterior of the car when driving.
  • The letter L on the plate must not be hidden.
  • Observe a maximum speed limit of 90 km/h.
  • Not tow any other vehicle.
  • Not exceed zero blood alcohol concentration (this means you cannot drink before driving). It is also illegal to drive under the influence of drugs.
  • Not supervise another learner driver.
  • Only carry the number of passengers that can be properly seated in seats and restrained by approved seat belts or child restraints.
  • Only drive vehicles that have a seat belt fitted to the driver’s position and you must wear the seat belt.
  • Not use any functions of a mobile phone including hands free devices.

Why choose L Safe Driving School?

L Safe driving School has built an excellent reputation for delivering professional driving lessons to all types of learners including:

  • Nervous drivers with no driving experience.
  • Learners who are ready for their driving test and require last-minute advice from a professional driving instructor.
  • Mature aged drivers looking to build confidence.
  • Overseas license holders looking to convert to NSW licensing.

(NB : – Learner drivers who complete a one hour structured driving lesson with us can record three hours driving experience in their Learner Driver Log Book. A maximum of 10 hours of lessons will be accepted and recorded as 30 hours driving experience in the Learner Driver Log Book. )

What will you receive with L Safe Driving School?

Each learner receives driving lessons that are tailored to meet their individual needs.

L Safe Driving School provides packages suited to individual students including:

  • Individual lessons
  • 5 and 10 hour packages
  • Test Preparation
  • Use of an instructor’s vehicle for the test