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Guidelines for choosing the best driving school

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Taking lessons from driving school is not just for passing the driving test in order to get driving license, but also to hone the skills of driving that could help more than just getting the license. It is important to choose a driving school which is best, and from where you could learn the finer skills for becoming a skilled and professional driver. Here are some guidelines for choosing the best driving school.

Approval from authority

Find out whether the school is approved by the transport ministry and following a curriculum that is approved by the state, so that you can be assured of learning the attitudes and skills and also the prevailing laws, so that you acquire the skills of responsible and safe driving..


Look for the Courses offered by best driving schools includes lessons for all, from beginners to professionals, and for both males and females. You can check out the courses which should cover all areas of driving.


Specialties’ of the best driving schools include full comprehensive and product and public liability insurance, providing cars having an automatic transmission and dual brake system, and cheaper packages. The services being provided by best driving school are aimed at building a strong rapport between learner and instructor, and provide a meaningful and value added structure in learning.


Having one of the best driving instructors is most important while learning the skills of safe driving. Best driving schools have experienced instructors who have thorough knowledge of the test formats good communication skills, responsible and are patient while imparting lessons. Look for instructors who are organized and punctual in attending classes and have the flexibility of teaching students having various levels of driving skill. Also look for whether you have the advantage of revising your lessons online after you have already taken them at your convenience.

Other factors

Look for driving schools that have the following facilities:

  • Door to door pick up and drop before and after classes
  • Options to choose an instructor
  • Options to choose timings
  • Drug and alcohol awareness classes especially for the adolescent group
  • Parking facilities for those driving to school
  • First aid facilities


Inquire about the duration of the classes which will give you an idea of the quality of the school. What else you can do is ask from friends and relatives about best driving schools, which have experience in attending classes and have already received their driving license.

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