What is Key2drive?

Keys2drive fosters the relationship between the learner driver and their parent/supervisor under the guidance of a Keys2drive accredited driving instructor, through a free lesson funded by the Australian Government.Keys2drive is the single largest national learner driver safety program ever undertaken in Australia.The program has been developed by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) and its members; NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAC(WA), RAA(SA), RACT and AANT.

How does Keys2drive work?


Learner drivers are the safest drivers on the road. However when they gain their P plates and begin solo driving, their risk of fatality and/or having a serious accident, jumps dramatically [20-30 timesl.This greatly increased risk and associated statistic, remains for the first six months of solo driving.

During the free lesson, the Keys2drive accredited driving instructor uses a "train-the-trainer" approach to introduce the supervisor and the learner driver to a new learning method called  Find Your Own Way (FYOW).

FYOW encourages the learner driver to ask questions, better recognise risky situations, and to find and fix mistakes.
FYOW assists supervisors to guide learner drivers to practise longer, with lots of variation (eg. distractions such as music or additional people in the car, and night or wet weather conditions) and to actively learn by self assessing and self reflecting and become P plate ready.

Keys2drive improves the quality and quantity of the learner driver experience by assisting parents/supervisors to be more effective in their driver training role. Additional supporting material for parents, supervisors and learner drivers is available on the Keys2drive website.
For more information visit www.keys2drive.com.au

Who is Eligible?

The free lesson is for anyone on their L Plates, together with their parent/supervisor (the supervisor is the fully licensed driver who usually accompanies the learner when they drive).

Only learner drivers who have never driven solo before are currently eligible to apply.

To be eligible for a Keys2drive free lesson the learner driver MUST hold an Australian learners permit. Holders of international driving permits upgrading to an Australian licence are NOT eligible for a Keys2drive free lesson.

Keys2drive is

  • Coaching in how to learn safe driving
  • Confidence to get started
  • Support for the whole journey

Keys2drive is NOT

  • A regular driving lesson
  • Free practice time
  • Preparation for a driving test


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