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L Safe Driving school

Liju is a true professional. It was important that James developed his driving skills by a skilled and safe driving instructor. Liju undoubtedly surpassed all of our expectations. His professional nature and passion for teaching safe driving to all his students shined through in our son. James not only achieved his P's first go, but also achieved near perfect results. We are eternally grateful to L Safe Driving School for their dedication and real commitment as true educators for anyone wanting to get their drivers licence. Thank you Liju.

- Jasmina

L Safe Driving school

I just passed my driving test on the first go and would like to thank L safe Driving School for helping me to achieve this. The instructor was patient, and professional.
He made sure that I was more than ready for the driving exam. Thank you very much

- Tobi

L Safe Driving school

I want to thank Liju my driving instructor for the training he has given me. His training has helped me to pass my driving test in first go. I will recommend him to my friends

- Ha

L Safe Driving school

Liju is the best driving instructor. I passed my driving test in my first attempt.
My younger brother and Sister also did the driving lesson with L safe driving school and they also got the there P'S in there first attempt.

- Melvin

L Safe Driving school

Liju is very patient, empathetic and kind in his teaching style and will help ease nerves when it comes to driving. He provides of friendly assistance and constructive feedback, and you will always finish a lesson with improvements in your driving abilities.

- Tanya

L Safe Driving school

I learnt so much driving with liju. He is patient and answers all of your questions in theory and practical so you never feel worried when driving. I learnt how to respond safely to many situations that happen on the road and he taught me to be confident in making my own decisions. I highly recommend L safe driving school.

- Tania

L Safe Driving school

Liju is an excellent driving instructor. He puts the safety of the driver first at all times. He teaches you defensive driving skills not just for the driving test but for life.
He is very knowledgable in his field. I passed easily in my first test with 98% and I highly recommend him to all my friends and to the general public. Thanks, Madura.

- Madura

L Safe Driving school

Liju is an excellent instructor. It was a great experience. I had almost nothing of experience in driving before. He has a lot of patience. Happily, I passed in the first driving test with no errors (100%)!! I totally recommend L Safe Driving School.

- Barbara

L Safe Driving school

Great instructor! Gave me all the right tips and helped me pass my test on the first go. Would highly recommend Liju to anyone looking for an instructor!

- Joel

L Safe Driving school

He is an amazing instructor, definitely recommend going to him before the exam. He taught me how to drive safely and taught me some possibly life-saving tips to use while on the road. He also improved my parking greatly and I wouldn't have been able to pass first go with a score of 106/107 without him

- Jay

L Safe Driving school

Stop wasting your time! If you have just received your learner permit, preparing for your driving test or wanting some tips on how to improve your driving skills. I highly, highly recommend Liju. He is an extremely affable and knowledgeable instructor, knowing all the tricks of the trade. His advice and confidence which he instilled in me, allowed me to pass my driving test on the first attempt with a 100% score. Not to mention his rates, after searching so many companies, is very affordable and competitive given his level of service/ expertise and newer car.

Upon receiving my L permit, Liju taught me the imperative skills required for safe driving. Moreover, before the driving test, we worked together on fine tuning my driving skills and learning the oddities of all the Blacktown RTA routes. With this approach, I am confident that anyone can comfortably and confidently pass their driving test with Liju.

- Shadab

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